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Israel War of Independence Operation Uvdanc

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Israel War of Independence - Operation Uvda (1949)

The Arab-Israeli War:  Operation Uvda
The Gulf of Eilat comes under Israeli sovereignty.

The final military campaign of the 1948 Arab-Israeli War was Operation Uvda (In English, Operation Fact). It was carried out by the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) during March of 1949. Its objective was to capture the southern region of the Negev desert, which was then under Jordanian jurisdiction. The Israel Defense Forces very little resistance along the way, and completed its operational objectives in relatively short order. In fact, the Golani and Negev Brigades were said to have been competing with each other to see who would reach the Red Sea first, with the Negev forces emerging as victor. Following the completion of the successful campaign, the operation commander sent correspondence stating "On Hagana day, the 11th of Adar, the Palmach Negev brigade and the Golani brigade present the Gulf of Eilat to the State of Israel."

Operation Uvda

Operation Uvda

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