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Caliph Omar (umar) in Palestine, Israel, Jerusalem Map

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Map of Jerusalem during the time of Caliph Omar (Umar) (637 A.D.)

Control of Jerusalem is surrendered to the Caliphs

Caliph Omar (Umar) was the second of the four patriachal caliphs of Islam. A caliph was a successor to the Prophet Mohammed and the leader of a given Muslim community. During the caliphate of Omar, major steps were taken to facilitate a "pure Islamic state", in a time that became known as the Golden age of Islam. In 637 A.D., Caliph Omar arrived in Israel (Palestine) and spent ten days in Jerusalem before returning to Medina. While in Jerusalem, Omar signed the Umariyya Covenant, and later in that same year, Jerusalem was surrended to the caliphs. This essentially restored the religious freedoms that Jews and Christians were denied turing 500 years under Roman rule. Caliph Omar was assassinated in 644 A.D. in Medina by a persian slave.

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