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Map of Israel Palestine during the Crusades Crusaders

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Map of Israel (Palestine) during the time of the Crusaders
(1099 A.D.)

The Crusaders Invade the Holy Land

From the years 1095 A.D. to 1270 A.D., the Holy Land of Israel (Palestine) was infiltrated and plundered by eight crusades from Europe. The Crusaders had the mandate of recovering the Holy Land from those whom they deemed as "infidels" or non-believers. In 1099, the First Crusaders layed seige upon and captured the holy city of Jerusalem, killing most of the city's non-Christian inhabitants. Trapped and barricaded in their synagogues, the Jews made a valiant defense, but ultimately committed suicide to avoid capture, or were burned alive and sold into slavery. In the years to come, the Crusaders would dominate the Holy Land by mostly shedding the blood of non-believing Jews. The Crusaders were ultimately toppled by the army of Saladin in 1187, who restored their religious freedoms and allowed them to return to their holy city of Jerusalem.

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