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Israel pictures - pictures of the Holy Land

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Israel Pictures - Pictures from the Holy Land

All photos contained in the albums below were taken on location in Israel by CSWI organizational staff members.  Photo albums may be accessed by clicking on the photos themselves.  Feel free to share them.

Israel (North)
Mount of Beatitudes:  On the northwestern shore of the Sea of Galilee can be found the Mount of Beatitudes, which is home to Christ's "Sermon on the Mount", found in Matthew 5. Take a tour of this magestic landmark by clicking on the picture to the right. mount of beatitudes sermon on the mount jesus israel
Mt. Arbel:  "The Valley of Doves":  Above the western shore of the Sea of Galilee, near Tiberias, can be found the mighty cliffs of Mt. Arbel, also known as the "Valley of Doves".  Much like the fortress of Masada, the cliff dwellings within Mt. Arbel were home to many Jews seeking refuge from the Roman conquest and seige on Jerusalem in 70 A.D. Below Arbel is the Valley of Doves, the presumed route used by Jesus as He traveled back and forth between the Galilee region and Nazereth. mount arbel valley of doves israel galilee 
Tabgha:  Between the Mt. of Beatitudes and the town of Tiberias, on the Sea of Galilee's western shore, is Tabgha.  This is traditionally the location of Christ's feeding of the 5,000 with a mere 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish.  It is also the location in which Christ conferred primacy upon Peter. christians standing with israel 
The Jordan River christians standing with israel jordan river 
Sea of Galilee:  Known in Israel as the "Kinneret", the Sea of Galilee exists as Israel's primary water supply.  This body of water is known for its lush vegetation, as well as a bountiful source for fishermen dating back thousands of years.  It was on these shores where Christ welcomed his first apostles, telling them He would make them the "fishers of men".  Much of Jesus Christ's ministry took place in the lower Galilee region. christians standing with israel sea of galilee 
Communities of Samaria christians standing with israel samaria 
The Golan Heights christians standing with israel golan heights 
On the Syrian Border syrian border christians standing with israel 
Shiloh shiloh christians standing with israel 
Israeli Absorption Center for Ethiopian Jews ethiopian jews christians standing with israel 
Nazareth nazareth christians standing with israel 
Jezreel Valley (future staging area known as "Armageddon") megiddo jezreel valley armageddon christians standing with israel 
Jaffa jaffa solomon christians standing with israel 
Chorazin (Korazin) chorazin korazin christians standing with israel 
Capernaum capernaum capharnaum christians standing with israel 
Caesarea caesarea roman aquaduct christians standing with israel 
Caesarea Philippi caesarea philippi christians standing with israel 

Israel (South) 
Jerusalem  jerusalem pictures christians standing with israel
On the Temple Mount  on the temple mount jerusalem christians standing with israel
The Western Wall aka The Wailing Wall  western wall wailing wall kotel christians standing with israel
Under the Western Wall  under western wall wailing wall kotel christians standing with israel
Up on the Old City ramparts  ramparts walk old city jerusalem christians standing with israel
The Israel Museum
israel museum dead sea scrolls christians standing with israel
Garden of Gethsemane  garden gethsemane jerusalem Jesus christians standing with israel
Mount Scopus (in Jerusalem)  mount scopus hebrew university jerusalem christians standing with israel
Hebron/Gush Etzion  hebron hevron judea israel gaza christians standing with israel
Masada  masada israel jewish revolt 70 AD christians standing with israel
The Dead Sea  dead sea en gedi christians standing with israel



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