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Israel Videos

This section features a tremendous multimedia resource:  the Christians Standing with Israel video vault.  Here you will find a plethora of content and documentaries covering a variety of subject areas.  IDF videos, Israel videos, Jewish videos, Christian videos, Prophecy videos, Praise and Worship music videos, Holocaust videos and documentaries, videos and documentaries about Radical Islam and Terrorism, videos covering the emminent threat in Iran, and videos exploring the vitriolic hatred behind anti-Semitism are all featured in this section.  Please be sure to frequent this section, as it is updated regularly with new content.

Please click on an area of interest:

Christian Videos - In this section you will find an assortment of videos, documentaries, short movies and clips exploring the world of Christianity and Christian beliefs.  Please know that this section is updated regularly, and so feel free to check back periodically for updated content.  Feel free to forward a link to those you know whom might be interested in CSWI's focus.

Jewish Videos - In this section you will find a collection of videos, clips, documentaries and short movies exploring Jewish culture, Jewish heritage, and Jewish holidays.  The Jewish people, especially those living in Israel, take their customs and traditions quite seriously, and so the hope is to provide you with a cultural and religious awareness of their significance.

christian videos jewish videos

Praise and Worship Videos - In this section can be found an assortment of Praise and Worship music videos.  Praise and Worship music has quickly evolved into one of the most popular and enjoyable expressions of fellowship among Christians today.  Please check back periodically as this section is updated regularly with new content.

Bible Prophecy Videos - In the section below can be found a variety of videos, clips and documentaries exploring the world of Bible Prophecy.  Bible Prophecy is a very intriguing subject among Christians and non-Christians, as the prophetic foretellings found in the Bible are either being fulfilled in front of our very eyes today, or relevant on the not-so-distant prophetic horizon.

praise and worship videos bible prophecy videos

Israel Videos - In this section, you'll find a collection of videos, movies and documentaries with Israel as the theme.  Topics such as Israel's official declaration as a sovereign nation in 1948, the Six-Day war of 1967, the Yom Kippur War, Jerusalem, as well as everyday life in Israel are covered here.  Please return to our videos page as content is updated and added on a regular basis.

Videos of the IDF - In this section you will find videos, documentaries, and clips exploring the world of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).  The daily experiences of these young champions of courage and valor, like my good friend Uri (pictured on the right in the photo below) are truly a story worth telling, and you will find many of them here. 

israel videos idf videos

Holocaust Videos - Here you will find a wide assortment of videos, documentaries and short movies that explore the darkest period in recorded history: The Holocaust (in Hebrew, Ha'Shoah).  This material may be hard to view and internalize.  However, so that that the world may not bear witness to a repeat of  the past, we must seek to embrace a sound awareness of it.

Anti-Semitism Videos - This section features a wide variety of videos and clips that explore the foundation of Jewish hatred and anti-semitism.  From Neo-Nazi, Arab, and American anti-Semitism are becoming increasingly prevalent in the world today, and the anti-Semitic videos and clips found in this section seek to cultivate an awareness of such hatred.

holocaust videos anti-semitism

Radical Islam/Terrorism Videos - This section features videos, documentaries, and clips exploring the world of Radical Islam and the terrorism it breeds.  "Radical Islam" is a label that has quickly become both senseitive and controversial in some circles, but not in ours.  Please check this section regularly as it will be updated regularly with content.

Iran Videos - This section features documentaries, videos, and clips covering the biggest threat in the Middle East:  Iran and the ideology Iran seeks to facilitate into reality.  From the Islamic Revolution in 1979 to Iran's nuclear threat to the 12th Imam -- this section covers it all.  Please check this section frequently as it will be updated regularly with new content.

radical islam videos iran nuclear



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