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Battle of Jerusalem Allenby 1917 Jerusalem Operations

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Map of the United Nations' Palestine Partition Plan (1947) - Jerusalem Operations

British Capture Jerusalem; General Allenby Victorious in "Jerusalem Operations"

The Battle of Jerusalem brought about the official end of Ottoman occupation in Israel (Palestine). Otherwise known as "Jerusalem Operations", this particular campaign last from November to December, 1917. During the Jerusalem Operations (Battle of Jerusalem), the British army successfully userped the 7th and 8th Ottoman armies, driving them from the Judean Hills, and the Mediterranean Coast just north of the city of Jaffa. As a result of these successful land grabs, British forces were able to capture and secure the holy city of Jerusalem. Perhaps one of the most reknown stories to surface from this battle involves British General Edmund Allenby, who out of respect for the holy significance of Jerusalem, dismounted his horse at the Jaffa Gate and entered the city on foot. The British Empire's conquest of Jerusalem in 1917 was labeled as "a Christmas present for the British people". General Allenby (pictured below) stated, "The wars of the crusaders are now complete. The battle was a great moral victory for the British Empire."

battle of jerusalem allenby

battle of jerusalem allenby

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