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The Mamluks Gain Control of Jerusalem Map

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Map of Jerusalem during the time of the Mamluks (1250-1516 A.D.)

Jerusalem under the control of the Mamluks

The Mamluks are commonly known as one of the most influential and powerful dynasties during the time period of medieval Islam. Mamluk ruled from the years 1250 to 1517, and are widely credited with a defeat over the invading Mongol forces in Syria, as well as cleansing Jerusalem and Israel of a Crusader presence. They were well-known for their culture, particularly an architectual style that can still be found throughout Israel and Jerusalem today, particularly in Jerusalem. The Mamluk tenure throughout Israel (Palestine) and Jerusalem became increasingly oppressive towards Jews and especially Christians as their tenure unfolded. Their goal of an islamization of the the holy land severely weakened the Jews' situation in the 15th century, both demographically and economically. Those who refused to convert to Islam were subject to severe legal and social discrimination and even had to pay special taxes. The Mamluks allowed their communities to morph into lawlessness against Jews and Christians in the form of protests, riots, and anarchy. The Mamluk control over Israel (Palestine) and Jerusalem was ended by the Ottomans in 1517. Subsequently, Jews and Christians experienced an immediate improvement in social, demographic, and economic conditions.

mamluk map jerusalem


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