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Map of Ancient Canaan Joshua and Israelites

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Map of ancient Canaan during the time of Joshua and the conquest of the Israelites


The Conquests of Canaan

Joshua and the Israelites crossed over the Jordan River just south and east of the city of Schechem. Many battles and "conquests" followed their entry into Canaan (also referred to as "The Promised Land", "Israel" or "Palestine), but the first major battle that transpired took place due south of their entry, and is known as the Battle of Jericho. With God's intervention, Joshua spearheaded the destruction of Jericho before moving west to the small city of Ai, which would eventually fall as well. Other conquests at the hands of Joshua and the Israelites took place against the Amorite kings from Jerusalem, as well as other cities such as Lachish, Hebron, Jarmuth, Eglon. Joshua 10 tells of a battle at Gibeon where God answered Joshua's request for assistance to extend the hours of daylight so that the battle could be finished. God also unleashed enormous hail stones from the heavens, an action that killed many Canaanites. Soon thereafter, much of the land of Canaan was secured under Joshua's command.



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