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Map of Ancient Jerusalem during time of Second Temple (516 B.C.)


The Second Temple is built

The Second Temple, built by Herod, was constructed at the location of the First Temple, which was situated on Mount Moriah, a location we know today as the Temple Mount, in Jerusalem's Old City. The Second Temple's longevity encompassed the time period of 530 B.C. to 70 A.D.

Reconstruction of the Second Temple in Jerusalem was an immediate priority once the Jews returned to the Land of Israel following the 70-year captivity at the hands of the Babylonians. The first order of business was to reconstruct the altar of God on the exact spot where it formerly stood. Upon completion, the scattered mountains of debris that was the remnants of the First Temple were cleared away, and construction on the Second Temple began. Twenty years after return from captivity, the Jews finally had their Second Temple, which was ready for consecration in the year 516 B.C. The grand architect behind the reconstruction of the Second Temple was King Herod, who made it even more magnificent than the first. The Second Temple was destroyed by the Romans in the year 70 A.D., and once again represented a direct fulfilment of biblical prophecy.

Jerusalem second temple

second temple jerusalem


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