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United Nations Palestine Partition Plan 1947

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Map of the United Nations' Palestine Partition Plan (1947)

The UN Partition Plan of 1947

In November of 1947, the United Nations passed Resolution 181: the UN Palestine Partition Plan, an initiative that would divide the existing land of British Palestine into Jewish and Arab sections in 1948. Jerusalem, and all of its religious significance to the Jewish people, would remain under the control of the United Nations. The Arab world emphatically rejected the resolution, citing an overwhelming skew to the Jewish side. A civil war conflict in Palestine resulted between the Arabs and the Jews. The goal of the Arabs was to block the implementation of Resolution 181, while the Jews simply wished to gain control over the territory they had coming to them under the Partition Plan's initiatives. Because of the resulting conflict, the UN Partition Plan and Resolution 181 were never fully implemented.

un partition plan palestine map

un partition plan palestine map 

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