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Where is Masada?

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Map of the Jewish Revolt on Masada

The Herodean fortress in the Judean Mountains

Masada was the geographically-impregnable fortress in the Judean Mountains. Overlooking the Dead Sea, Herod the Great constructed the mountain fortress of Masada and fortified it in 35 B.C.  Most, if not all, of the information gathered about the Masada fortress was gathered through the writings of Flavius Josephus. In 66 A.D., a band of Jewish rebels fled the Roman destruction of Jerusalem and settled atop Masada. The group of Jewish rebels, which included some 960 men, women, and children, were incredibly self-sufficient while atop the desert fortress. In 73 A.D., the Roman tenth legion, under the command of Flavius Silva was successfully able to put down the band of rebels by building a ramp to the top there they could lay siege. Once the Romans gained access to Masada, they found the bodies of 960 Jews, who committed mass suicide rather than be taken into slavery by the Roman army. The story of Masada remains a story of extreme heroism to the Jewish people today, and reinlistees in the Israeli military have the option of having their swearing-in ceremonies at the top of Masada.

masada map



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